Accident & Sickness Insurance

Who Might Consider Accident & Sickness Insurance?

FACT: Accidents can strike any of us. Yes, no matter how careful and reserved you are or you never engage in any sports and outdoor adventures, accident can still happen to you, which can cause injuries that will render you incapable to work for a certain period. Now the question is, “How prepared are you for this unfortunate event?” If you can’t seem to find the answer to this question, then it’s high time you consider getting an accident & sickness insurance. You might say, “Isn’t this type seems like a duplicate policy since I already have life insurance?” Well, there’s still a difference between the two, and to help you decide if accident insurance is for you, read on.

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Without your income, how can you pay your living expenses? Do you have enough savings to cover all these, plus other financial obligations that you have? If you rely mainly on your income to cover all the expenses you incur every day, then all the more you need accident and sickness insurance. Because think about this, without income and savings, your last resort would be applying for a loan, borrowing money from friends/relatives, or selling assets. But would that be enough for the entire duration that you’re unable to work? Don’t let this be a hassle by getting this insurance that can pay you a benefit of up to 75% of your income.

Now, do you also want to be protected until you retire? Well, as mentioned earlier, accidents can do happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. And so, if you’re not covered by accident insurance, you’ll surely miss not just your work but also the income that you’ll supposedly earn from working. So, never think twice when it comes to securing your income. In fact, you can always choose a policy that will allow you to receive a payout for a successful claim until retirement age.

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Not so many people consider getting accident & sickness insurance because they thought that their life insurance is enough to cover all their needs. But if after reading this article you think that you’ll benefit from this type of insurance, then start looking for accident & sickness insurance quotes now.