Prostate Cancer and Getting the Right Insurance Cover

If you knew that there is life insurance cover product that can help you ease financial burdens that serious illnesses can cause, you are likely to be interested. Yes, there is so don’t wait until it’s too late. Get appropriate insurance protection for you and your loved ones.

Study this scenario:

As an accountant, a father of 3 knew the importance of financial security and he loved sports. Despite not seeing the benefits of taking on life insurance and crisis cover, he heeded his financial planner’s advice and purchased both.

Years later, upon the insistence of his wife, he visited a doctor after observing difficulty in going to the toilet and some discomfort. Tests revealed prostate cancer. Relief was not even the word to describe the comfort he felt knowing he had the right insurance plan. The assurance that his family will be taken care of more than eased the shock and worry over the illness.

The Crisis Recovery policy paid his family $250,000 which made getting better easier for the father and is able to continue with the treatments.

This is the prostate cancer statistics in Australia: yearly, 3,300 men die due to the illness; 1 every 3 hours. Every year, 20,000 new cases are diagnosed or an average of 32 daily.

Ease your family’s financial burden in case you get sick of serious illness. Take out a crisis cover because prostate cancer or other serious illness can happen to anyone. Talk to your Life Insurance adviser about it.