PSA Testing in Prostate Cancer

Even while the discussions over PSA (prostate specific antigen) testing and its results continue, the facts about prostate cancer remain:

  • More and more men in Australia are found to have prostate cancer.
  • In 2006, prostate cancer was found to be the reason for 30% of tumours.
  • Prostate cancer is said to be the leading cause of cancers in men.

When prostate grows as men age or when cancer is present or there is benign presence like Benign Prostatic Hypertropy, normal and abnormal tissues produce PSA. Its testing has advantages and disadvantages.

Of 100 men with prostate cancer, one may die after undergoing an operation. About 80 of them would experience erectile dysfunctions while about 20% may encounter urinary incontinence.


  • PSA testing can detect early prostate cancer. Even when it shows no symptoms.
  • It can help make treatments more effective especially when cancer is detected early.
  • Treatment side-effects and risks are not as bad as those in advanced cancer stage.


  • Because cancer is detected early, the treatments’ effects on life could be negative yet the cancer could be slow-growing and not at once life-threatening.
  • Results of PSA test may be normal yet cancer is present or can be abnormal even without cancer.
  • There is no known proof that with PSA testing, lives were saved or prolonged.

Make sure you get your life insurance organsied before your test.